COVID-19時限法(COVID-19 (TEMPORARY MEASURES) ACT)の施行|シンガポールコロナ対策措置

4月7日、「COVID-19 (TEMPORARY MEASURES) ACT」(新型コロナウイルス感染症時限法)がシンガポール国会で成立、4月8日付で施行されました。少なくともサーキットブレーカー終了までは以下の法律が適用されます。




  • 居住地の出入りに関する制限 / Restrictions on leaving or entering place of residence
  • 代替の居住地 / Alternative place of residence
  • 人々の集まりの禁止 / Prohibition on social gatherings
  • 個人のセーフディスタンス(安全距離)維持 / Individuals to keep safe distance
  • スポーツ・レクリエーション施設の利用制限 / Restriction on use of sports or recreation facilities


  • 事業所の閉鎖 / Closure of premises
  • 運営が許可されている必要不可欠なサービス事業者 / Essential service providers permitted to operate
  • 必要不可欠ではサービス事業者は在宅勤務のみ / Non-essential service provider may only work from home
  • 席・列のセーフディスタンス(安全距離) / Safe distancing for seating and queues
  • 特定ドミトリーの条件 / Requirements for specified dormitories



  • 認められている理由・目的以外での外出禁止、常に自宅内に留まる必要がある(食料・日用必需品の購入・公園等での個人または同居家族/同居人との運動・医療機関受診・必要不可欠な事業者で働く等は可)
    every individual must stay at or in, and not leave, his or her ordinary place of residence in Singapore. An individual may leave the individual’s ordinary place of residence only to the extent necessary for any of the following purposes
    (a) to work for or with an essential service provider, a specified school or an early childhood development centre;
    (b) to procure any goods or services from an essential service provider or a specified school;
    (c) to obtain —(i) medical treatment for a suspected COVID-19 infection at a hospital, medical clinic or any other place, designated by the Director for the treatment of COVID-19; or (ii) medical treatment that is of a pressing nature;
    (d) to engage in any recreational activity in an open-air stadium, public path or public park alone or with any other individual who lives with the firstmentioned individual;
  • 認められている理由・目的以外で自宅に同居家族/同居人以外の人を入れることの禁止(必要不可欠なサービス事業者から配達を受取るのは可)
    An individual must not permit any other individual to enter his or her ordinary place of residence for any reason other than (a) for the purposes of enabling the provision or supply of any essential service at the place of residence;
  • 同居家族/同居人以外の人といかなる交流目的でも会うことの禁止
    a person must not meet another individual not living in the same place of residence for any social purpose.
  • 外出時のセーフディスタンス(1m以上)遵守(リフト内、車内、交通機関内、駅/バス停等の公共交通機関の利用場所を除く)
    the individual must keep a distance of at least one metre from any other individual in any public place or common property of any subdivided building, except in — (a) any lift; (b) any motor vehicle or other mode of conveyance; or (c) any premises used in connection with the provision of public transport.
  • スポーツ・レクリエーション施設の利用制限(屋外競技場/公共の公園を除く)
    An individual must not use any sports or recreation facilities —(a) in the common property of a subdivided building which is
    the individual’s ordinary place of residence; or (b) in any public place, except for an open-air stadium or a public park.

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